NorTex delivers midstream value for our customers in North Texas.

Headquartered in Houston, NorTex owns and operates 36 billion cubic feet of gas storage capacity and over 80 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines. NorTex facilities include Tolar Hub, Worsham-Steed Gas Storage and Hill-Lake Gas Storage. These facilities interconnect with multiple major pipeline systems serving the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metropolitan region.

NorTex facilities provide customer-focused solutions to all customers.

NorTex is a leading natural gas storage business providing asset reliability solutions for utilities and power generation facilities through strategically located natural gas storage and transmission infrastructure in North Texas. We service the critical infrastructure necessary to provide reliable fuel to the market as the electricity generation sources continue to transition to lower carbon alternatives.

NorTex is also dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable service to other customers including energy traders and gas producers.

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