How do I transfer my ownership to someone else?

Property can be transferred by Assignment, Special Warranty Deed, General Warranty Deed or Quit-Claim Deed.  Please consult your attorney when attempting to effectuate a legal transfer. Please note that the acceptance by Nortex of any legal instrument does not mean that Nortex has reviewed the instrument to determine if such instrument is legally sufficient to effectuate the desired transfer.  Please have the appropriate instruments recorded in the real property records of the county in which the property is located and mail a recorded copy to Nortex (copies will not be returned) at the following address:

Nortex Midstream Partners, LLC 
Attn: Landowner Relations Department 
1201 Louisiana, Ste 700
Houston, TX 77002

In your correspondence to Nortex, provide the social security number of the new payee, the new payee’s address and daytime telephone number. Also, please note the effective date in which the transfer should become effective.